Cows Vs Aliens

Cows Vs Aliens 1.2

Don't let the aliens probe your cows!


  • Awesome music
  • Funny gameplay
  • Pretty challenging
  • Lots of extras available from shop
  • Supports OpenFeint
  • Saves to SD


  • Can lag slightly on older phones

Very good

Cows Vs Aliens is a charming - and funny - game for your Android phone.

As a farmer, pretty much the worst thing that can happen to your livestock is to have your cows probed by invading aliens. In Cows Vs Aliens, it's your job to ensure this doesn't happen. In reality, Cows Vs Aliens is a very simple idea, but it's an entertaining and funny game that's obviously been crafted with a good deal of thought and interest.

Cows Vs Aliens gets off to a good start, with music that we thought was excellent, and hilarious cow and alien sounds. The idea is simple - but challenging nonetheless. Your cows are in the fields, and it's your job to get them safely into the barn before the aliens get them - or worse, get into the barn themselves!

You do this by using both fingers to manipulate two lassos that you use not to lasso the animals, but to push them into the barn. The Cows Vs Aliens gameplay is pretty frantic, added to by the inclusion of a time limit. Due to this speed, we don't recommend playing Cows Vs Aliens on slower phones - your lassos stick and the darned aliens slip right in.

Cows Vs Aliens has an upgrade system that gives you access to extra time and cooler aliens. With time, you'll also get access to different seasons - at first, you can only play in spring. You can pay for these with real money, or earn them with points. Either way, they give you something to aim for, because Cows Vs Aliens is pretty challenging.

Keep those extraterrestrials away from your livestock in Cows Vs Aliens!

Cows Vs Aliens


Cows Vs Aliens 1.2

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